We will provide you of quality and assist you in anyways we can. We'll evaluate, recruit, check, references, conducting rigid training and assessment and process travel documents. We've been in the business for more than decade and have proven our craft. We will interview and select candidates that will best suit your qualification. We will offer you knowledge, experience and commitment to provide you exemplary service and people.
• We recruit from all of the provinces in the country, providing the largest possible pool of available candidates from the Philippine archipelago
• We have video-conferencing facilities which allows the effective interviewing of applicants without the need for expensive overseas travelling
• We have network that enables us to search for short-listing and selection processes are done in a systematic, painstaking manner to ensure that only the right fit candidates are being presented for selection to a prospective client
• We have vast database of qualified candidates ensures the availability of qualified applicants for any given industry and specialty

For your ready reference we have provided you our own database that you can click weblink: http://online.starworldmanpower.com/recruitment to browse our ready to leave workers presented according to the categories in full range of job positions that your company may require.

Recruitment Procedures

From our duly accredited principals the Job Order are issued to which our pool of ready-to-leave workers and our strategic sourcing engine will be fully utilized to meet the demands of every employer. The advertising media, leading daily's, strategic posting of hiring ads, joining Job Fairs sponsored by government and non-government entities are among our network of ensuring qualified and sufficient number of candidates for all job positions will be served.


Our screening procedure ensures that only those who are qualified are endorsed to the employer for final interview and approval through: reference key qualifications provided by the employer for our basis in sourcing suitable applicants; inviting candidates for initial screening to assess communication ability and verification of acquired employment & training certificates; and shall pass the technical evaluation so required for the position applying for. We have our technical team.

Final Interview

The employer final interview and selections may be conducted according to their preference such as; personal interview by which employer representative may visit to the Philippines to perform the selection activities and by sending qualified applicant's CVs wherein a video interview can be arranged to which selections will be confirmed thereafter. Where necessary, trade testing is conducted to further assess the skills of the applicants.

Required Medical Examinations

Employer's interview is concluded in a selection of candidates who will then undertake the required medical examination with the clinic duly recognized by GAMCA for GCC workers and other accredited medical clinics for deployments other than GCC. Under normal medical procedures it will take 2-3 days for the clinic to release its medical Fit-to-Work result.

Documentation and Processing

Having complied with the Fit-to-Work medical requirement, the candidates will now submits the authenticated documents (e.g. NBI clearance, school or college diploma/certificates, trade tests, etc. as deemed required). Selected candidates shall now undertake the documentation formalities such as; submission of passport with all pertinent documents for visa stamping with the Embassy of the host country and OEC application with the POEA after full satisfactory completion of the documents whereby, the candidate will have to settle the required fees authorized by the POEA.

Pre-Departure Seminar

Workers who are now ready for deployment must undergo the required Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) facilitated by the Philippine government. Among the highlights of the seminar are essential information pertaining to the physical and psychological preparation of the worker relative to nature working abroad and culture of the host country, likewise, to make them aware their obligation to complete the terms and period of the contract.
Safe arrival of workers to its point of destination shall then be secured from the employer to confirm deployment.