Ms. Annabelle J. Orina

Star World International Manpower and Placement Agency, Inc.

A woman of vision and values. An epitome of success and perseverance with more than a decade experience and expertise in the field of Overseas Recruitment. As a professional Registered Nurse, she worked her way up by working hard from simple OFW herself and eventually become successful CEO of her own company.
With a dream of providing better opportunities for Filipinos, she envisioned of creating an avenue for her countrymen to gain equal chances to fulfill their dreams as her way of "paying it forward". Equipped with her dream, professionalism and good work ethic, she established Star World International Placement Agency, Inc. in 2001. A company that continues to lead in the industry today, paving the way to excellence and high standards of service under her leadership. In spite of her success, she remains to be humble and passionate in helping others.


Dear Friends,
Star World is envisioned and committed to provide better employment opportunities to every Filipino. It is also geared towards becoming a formidable partner in the industry as it's always been. With the demands and challenges of international job market, it remains to be STRONGER and BETTER than ever in the midst of stiff competition.
With over a decade of its existence, Star World is constantly dedicated to the fulfilments of its mission and vision; to serve its clients with utmost courtesy and providing with atmosphere of the services that is mutually beneficial to both clients and partners.
As we level up and face new challenges ahead, let us work together earnestly in generating jobs around the globe and continue to foster the highest level of professionalism, dedication and excellent service.
Star World will continue to look for wider and bigger collaboration with all its clients by way of creating mutual understanding resulting in a win-win solution.
Let's continue to project good practice that we have started and aspire to become not only for better but to be the BEST we can be.